Great Lengths

Great Lengths Hair Extensions uses only the best 100% human hair of the highest quality. The hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples in virgin form. Great Lengths Hair Extensions only uses "Remy hair" which means the cuticle is facing all the same direction that stops hair tangling. Great Lengths Hair Extensions is also double drawn which means separating short hairs twice.


Great Lengths Keratin Bonds- Senior Stylist

 StrandThickening1/2 HeadFull Transformation
 Single20 Strands50 Strands120 Strands

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Great Lengths Tape Hair Extensions- Senior Stylist

Full Head= 5 pack (25 wefts)950
¾ Head= 4 pack (20 wefts)800
½ Head= 3 pack (15 wefts)650
¼ Head= 2 packs (10 wefts)500

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Great Lengths Hair Extensions model

Show Pony

Showpony Professional is an Australian company specialising in offering a range of high quality hair extension options at an affordable price range. Showpony's hair extensions offer a unique 2 tone colour range which blends perfectly to many hair colours.


Micro Bead/ Keratin Bond Extensions- Senior Stylist

Full Head= 100 Strands950
¾ Head= 75 Strands850
½ Head= 50 Strands750
¼ Head= 25 Strands650

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Tape Hair Extensions- Senior Stylist

Full Head= 40 pieces (20 pairs)750
¾ Head= 30 pieces (15 pairs)600
½ Head= 20 pieces (10 pairs)450
¼ Head= 10 pieces (5 pairs)300

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Skin Weft Hair Extensions- Senior Stylist

Full Head= 40 pieces (20 pairs)900
¾ Head= 30 pieces (15 pairs)750
½ Head= 20 pieces (10 pairs)600
¼ Head= 10 pieces (5 pairs)450

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Showpony Professional Hair Extensions model
  • Pricing is a guide only. Actual number of strands to be agreed upon during consultation.
  • 50% deposit required after consultation required to order hair extensions.
  • No show on appointment or less than 24 hour notice on cancellation will incur a $200 cancellation fee



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  • $100 per hour